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Transit Couriers and Warehousing is a family-owned Rockhampton business with nearly two decades of experience in courier and logistics services. We’re able to offer greater flexibility to our customers because we’re totally independent - so the only timeline we run to is yours!

We’re the preferred partner of large mining companies and big retailers because our innovative systems and qualified staff ensure deadlines are met every time, while the back-end runs smoothly too. We make sure that working with us is easy.

Our reliable team of 24 courier and truck drivers, operations, dispatch, and administration staff all work from our headquarters in Rockhampton - so everything is done in-house by people you know and trust.

‘No’ isn’t in our
vocabulary here at Transit.
There’s always a way.

Conan Alloway Managing Director


Transit Couriers and Warehousing

Transit Couriers and Warehousing operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure deliveries get where they need to go. We’re serious about efficiency and traceability:

  • Drivers use our app to log parcels immediately upon pick up and after delivery.
  • All jobs and drivers are tracked using GPS technology.
  • We offer a point-to-point service, so your package doesn’t leave the truck until it’s delivered.

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24/7 Service

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